Using the filters

The online catalog offers powerful filtering capabilities that allow the user to see how SDGs, Use Cases, Workflows, Building Blocks and Products are connected.

The filter can be opened directly underneath the navigation bar:

Click on the ‘Filter by’ label or arrow to expand the filter section

For any object (Product, Organization, Building Block, etc) there will be a unique set of filters. Some of the filters are aligned with the SDG Digital Investment Framework (SDG, Use Case, Workflow, or Building Block). Other filters are oriented around sectors, countries, organizations or tags.

When filters are selected by the user, any items that do not meet the criteria will not be shown. The top navigation bar will show the number of items that match the selected criteria:

At the bottom of the filter section, the user will also see a list of all of the filters that have been set. The user can remove filters here.

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