Tagging objects

In addition to filtering, use cases and products can be tagged. Tagging allows users to organize these objects by particular characteristics and provides another powerful and flexible tool for organizing data in the catalog to align with users needs.

Configuring active tags

Tags must be defined before they can be attached to a product or use case. Users with administrator privileges can create, edit and delete tags. Navigate to the Tags page from the Admin menu. In this page, a user can create a new tag, edit an existing tag, or delete a tag that is no longer needed.

Tagging a Use Case or product

When creating or editing a product or use case, a user can assign a tag to that object. Enter the name of the tag in the tags field and select the tag that is to be attached to the object.

Searching by Tags

In the filter section for products, a user can enter the name of a tag. The results list will be updated to show only products that contain that tag.

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