Marketplace Research 2022

This report pertains to the market research project the Digital Impact Alliance undertook to gauge interest, feasibility, and feedback around turning its Catalog into a "Marketplace" of digital solutions. The overall research question for this study was: What is needed for the Catalog of Digital Solutions to become a Marketplace platform that enables global development actors to more easily procure, deploy, and use digital technologies and services that accelerate the whole-of-government approach?

Several general themes emerged from the research findings, and this report is organized around them. This report provides a synthesis of the Phase 1 market research collated to-date: 1) the research learning agenda, 2) desk research on existing Marketplaces and what features and functionalities they have, 3) the summary of the  stakeholder consultations with the intended Marketplace users (160 individuals across 57 organizations), on their procurement pain-points and what features the Marketplace should prioritize to address their needs, and 4) an overview of the key proposed Marketplace features the research team has decided to prioritize – RFP radar opportunities, vendor storefront, and comparison tool.