Frontend Testing Strategy

This document describes our testing strategy for the frontend component of the Exchange. Our approach can be illustrated using the pyramid below.

The pyramid above describes the three types of tests in the Exchange fronted. We should follow the pyramid structure - where the bottom layer (Unit) has the most number of tests, while the top-level (E2E) has the lowest number of tests.

Unit Tests

  • Purpose: Function testing or Rendering of a single component

  • Tool: jest + react testing library

  • Mock: everything except the unit being tested


  • Purpose: Verify several units working together

  • Tool: jest + react testing library

  • Mock: as little as possible. Only mock:

    • Network requests (GraphQL API calls, other API calls)

    • Animation components (so that tests don’t need to wait)


  • Purpose: Verify that the entire system functions correctly - tests end to from the UI to the backend.

  • Tool: cypress

  • Mock: nothing

    • Run against the entire application setup (backend + frontend)

    • Backend spinned up using Docker before tests start

      • Started with a test data set