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🔊 We ended last year strong and the 2022.Q4 release for DIAL’s Catalog of Digital Solutions is now live! ▶️ Our team is super excited for what we have in store for 2023 - stay connected by following our roadmap and signing up for the Catalog newsletter.

Featured Updates

  • Guided product tour - a much requested feature has been added to the Catalog! A guided product walkthrough of the platform is now available for first-time users to help onboard new users, introduce them to the key features and help them get started using it. Many users have requested that they would like to explore the platform independently without relying on lengthy demos or how-to videos, and the product tour is the short and quick helping hand that they may need.

  • Evaluation rubric - the product evaluation rubric is changing and this quarter we have introduced brand new automated indicators that can help users understand the qualities and merits of individual products

  • Playbooks - many new features and updates have been added to the playbooks feature to help users share their how-to guides and best practices in a seamless and intuitive manner. A playbook on Public Procurement of Technology has also been released. It provides a customized framework on best practices and tools to procure digital goods and services, within the framework of national procurement policies and procedures. The guide outlines 14 steps, across four phases, that governments in low resource countries - can follow when procuring digital goods and services.