Sprint Retrospective Meetings 2022

Sprint 22


Sprint 21


Sprint 20


Sprint 19

@Nyoman Ribeka to upload registry.dump file on confluence every release.
@Steve Conrad to create template for bug reports.
@Steve Conrad to automatize db seeds and rake tasks on dev server.
@BackendDevs to flag tasks which are waiting for code review.

Sprint 18

@Steve Conrad to create a cron job on developer instance to run all rake tasks.
@Rafał Stencel (Deactivated) to prepare all information about writing unit tests for header menu.
@Rafał Stencel (Deactivated) Verify whether radar chart works fine for cases with less than 3 categories, if not come up with an alternative.
@Nikola Laskowska Verify whether separator localization is hard-coded or dependent on system settings (ex 0.5 or 0,5).

Sprint 17

@Steve Conrad to update to use schema rather than migration, remove migrations at each quarterly release. Document the updated process.
@Rafał Stencel (Deactivated) to create a backlog task to check what can be done regarding snapshots failing due to animations of dialog component.


Sprint 16

@Nikola Laskowska update readme with info how to dump sql schema
backend devs - discuss logs improvements

Sprint 14

@Steve Conrad - Set up another server as a test instance to run pipelines and E2E tests
@Steve Conrad - Investigate ways to run pipelines simultaneously
@Nyoman Ribeka - Create a ticket and remove javascripts tests on rails app.

Sprint 13

@team to put more emphasis on ticket dependencies during Sprint Planning
@team to use Monday and/or Tuesday (review/planning) as buffer day
@Nikola Laskowska to adjust daily meetings time


Sprint 12

@Steve Conrad add automatic redeployment to dev instance

Sprint 11

@Sarah Farooqi, @Steve Conrad to try to split tasks under the Epic level a bit more (= try to avoid creating subtasks, use other level of task hierarchy to provide task granularity)
@development-team to flag tasks on Jira board which need PO’s attention
alternative: create & update a Q&A page with link to current questions (Jira issue/comment link)
Look more at team’s capacity (backend and frontend separately), during Sprint Planning a bit more rigorously


Sprint 10

@Paweł Gesek to investigate the possibility to mock backend with Cypress in order to make the split between backend and frontend even more seamless
@Rafał Stencel (Deactivated) to update frontend module’s README with a short description on how snapshots work
@Paweł Gesek to shorten build timeout to ~10/15 mins
@Steve Conrad to create a task in Jira for Rails clean-up - removing unused methods from controllers, tests and gems
@Steve Conrad to add a job to GitLab to deploy to dev server after each merge to development branch
@Nyoman Ribeka to explore possibilities to block merging on GitLab i.e. all threads must be resolved before merging is enabled


Sprint 9

All - think about how we can highlight blocking issues or issues that need immediate attention - maybe developers channel?
@Steve Conrad@Paweł Gesek - nightly dev server redeployment

Sprint 8

@Steve Conrad to start the review with sprint goal overview
@developers to show the Jira issue before showcasing the work done to help reviewers gather context
@Sarah Farooqi to explicitly add a “Sprint Goal” to Jira for each sprint during Sprint Planning meeting
@Nyoman Ribeka / @Steve Conrad to think about introducing auto-deployment to dev server
@Sarah Farooqi, @Steve Conrad to add only those tasks to sprint which are in scope of Sprint Goal and match the team’s velocity


Sprint 7

@Steve Conrad to create a task in backlog to update New Developer Guide and README files
@Steve Conrad to deploy changes merged into development branch to the dev instance before Sprint Review meetings so that the changes can be showcased on that instance