The 2022.Q1 release for the Catalog is now live! Today we’re launching several improvements that will make it easier to discover data across the SDG Digital Investment Framework. We’ve heard from you and have added requested features, made functional improvements, and fixed bugs to make your browsing faster, productive, and more intuitive.

New Features

  • Introducing “Playbooks” - Useful guidance material for deploying digital initiatives is a frequent request that we receive. We have added a brand new tab on playbooks where you can view (and create) playbooks that provide tactical guidance to help you approach common digital initiatives. These guides provide step-by-step instructions and highlight key technical and operational considerations. Playbooks help answer common questions such as how to address a use case, apply a workflow or building block, deploy a product, work with a partner, or even build capacity within a team. Each playbook has a unique source, and has several components including;

    • Plays: the combination of tasks (moves) that a group must do to carry out an action. Each playbook can have a series of plays. We are building a library of plays, which are reusable and can be added to multiple playbooks.

    • Moves: the individual tasks that comprise a play. Each play can have multiple moves, and moves can also link to external sources.

The D4D Diagnostic Toolkit contains 6 plays that can help guide practitioners to plan, design, and deploy effective MD4D projects
  • Filtering made simple - Users can now dock and undock their filter bar to the left of the browser to provide easy viewing of results while still navigating in card view. The section tabs run across as a top navigation bar as they always have, but the interface is cleaner, helping you quickly access information you need.

    • If you still need more help looking for what you need, use the Recommendations Wizard, accessible in the Catalog on the top right of the screen. Learn how to use the Recommendations Wizard.

The filters for each tab are easily accessible in the left navigation bar
  • Product page editor - If you’re a product owner with a listing in the Catalog, you can now update your logo, create and edit important information about your software, or even list your contact details to help users discover your product and get in touch with your team.

  • New languages! - We added 3 new languages: Spanish, Portuguese, and Swahili

  • Contact our team - You can easily report a bug or get in touch with our team through the embedded form in the Catalog under the Help menu.

  • Improved mobile views - the mobile views are now fully updated for an improved experience on your smartphone or tablet.

Technical Improvements

  • Product Recommendation Wizard - Our popular feature, the Recommendation Wizard, now has an improved back end wizard query, with an improved view of the results, including sorting capability, multi-page view, and ability to multi-select different filters.

  • Updated cookies notification - users can select which cookies they want to ensure compliance with all GDPR regulations

  • New login and signup screens - users now have a single user account to access other DIAL resources and websites with their existing profile.

  • Efficiency - We have removed code and libraries that are no longer needed

Bug Fixes

  • Improved performance by loading descriptions only from currently selected language

  • Fixed display of building block and SDG icons on product cards


  • Demo/tutorial videos - We have launched a series of tutorial videos to help users learn how to interact with the Catalog and get the data need quickly.

  • Partnerships -

    • Principles of Digital Development - The Catalog’s data now powers the endorses map on the Principles of Digital Development website. Users can filter the map be sector, endorsing year, and view gold level endorsers easily. In addition, the endorser level is now viewable on the organization card as well as in the detail page.

    • DPGA - DPGA now tracks multiple repositories for products. We have updated our DPGA source to bring in that data to the catalog. The Catalog now also links back to DPGA submission on product pages


If you have content you would like to turn into a playbook, or for any other feedback, questions, or concerns, contact our team at issues@solutions.dial.community.